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captioning by, closed captioning services, inc. >> eric: a "fox news alert," he's back and will not go away. a new terror tape that they say is from you know who... in the in audio tape the voice claiming to be from usama bin laden, taking credit for that christmas-day airline bombing attempt over detroit. saying it was a message like that of 9/11, this, as the son claims bin laden has won the war on terror, i'm eric sean, welcome to america's news headquarters. >> jamie: i'm jamie colby, great to have you here and they voice on the tape also vows there will be more attacks of -- against the u.s. caroline shivley is following these latest developments from washington, caroline, first, the tape says that al qaeda is behind the christmas-day bombing attempt. can you tell us more? >> reporter: sure, it's an interesting claim by bin laden, al qaeda and the arabian peninsula, a franchise of al qaeda are based in yemen and
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claimed responsibility two days after the attack and the bomber suspect himself allegedly told police that he was trained in yemen and told to get on the plane and this message makes it seem like bin laden is trying to show that he is in charge of al qaeda worldwide. and the different branches are now operating on their own while he is holed up in a cave along the afghan-pakistan border and here's the reason he gives for the attacks. >> translator: it is unfair that you enjoy a safe life while our brothers in gaza suffer greatly. therefore, with god's will, our attacks on you will continue, as long as you continue to support israel. >> reporter: bin laden also says, quote, if it was possible to carry our messages to you by words, we wouldn't have to carry them to you by planes. jamie. >> jamie: possibly he's claiming a closer connection to that group, al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. interesting. what do u.s. officials say about this? >> reporter: this morning on
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"fox news sunday," white house press secretary robert gibbs said it's too early to tell if the tape is a think but it's important to note there has never been a fake ubl tape out there and he called bin laden a cowardly murderer and terrorist and on cnn david axelrod this morning said the message contains the same hollow justification for the mass slaughter of innocents, jamie. >> jamie: i know you have more information too on the christmas-day bombing suspect. about when he was taken into custody. what have we learned. >> reporter: this is interesting, a report breaking this morning, coming from the associated press, says he was read his miranda rights after 50 minutes after the fbi began interrogating umar farouk abdulmutallab him and one fbi team talked to him nearly an hour without advertising him of his rights including the trite remain silent and they don't have to, in a case where they are trying to stop a threat to public safety and there were plenty of questions at the time. like were there other bombers on planes, at that moment, ready to blow them up and that is the ap timeline, 50 minutes and the white house and the administration certainly haven't
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confirmed the timeline to us. but, chris wallace on "fox news sunday," pressed gibbs on this, asking, did they not think they could have gotten more valuable information out of him if they hadn't mirandized him and he said interrogators thought they got all they could out of him. >> jamie: interesting, caroline shivley, live in d.c., thanks. >> eric: soon it will be nine years since the day we'll always remember, 9/11 and we continue to hear from usama bin laden but he eludes capture and his own, omar, boasts in an interview in "rolling stone" magazine just out his father has, in his words, won the war on terror. and is worth more to america alive than dead. is that true and why won't afghan or pakistani forces finally nab him, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor and author of the book "surrender is not an option", john bolton joins us as he does every sunday morning, good morning, ambassador. >> glad to be here. >> eric: why can't we nab him.
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>> the speed with which the tapes came out after the christmas-day terrorist attack, i think is indicative that he is accessible. once, assuming the tape is a thent indicated, we have been tracking him down and it should remarian a high priority for the president to find him, whether he's in afghanistan or pakistan or wherever he may be. >> eric: it is astounding he has had access to al-jazeera and, this tape a few weeks from the christmas day bombing and seems almosts incredulous that is he is still out there and our allies have not been able to get us, if not us. >> i think certainly we ought to have yet another word to see if they can't find a way to persuade al-jazeera to tell them a little bit about the sources and that would be a step in
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tracking usama bin laden down. -- >> eric: that is a great point. can i stop you on that point, the rulers own al-jazeera and yet are getting the tapes... >> i know it is a sensitive subject in the media about law enforcement interrogations and so only. but, it is pretty clear, al-jazeera thinks it has reliable contacts with somebody who is actually delivering tapes to the real usama bin laden. and it might be interesting to know who they talk to. >> eric: why don't they follow him, when he drops the tape off at the message center, follow the guy back. >> and i'm sure the cia and the fbi would have a lot of tips for how to go about it if we could get more cooperation. i think it underlines, though, the importance of continuing military activities, in that border area, between afghanistan and pakistan. to continue to wear down the al qaeda leadership, and, hopefully, either apprehend or kill them. >> eric: what is remarkable is bin laden, one of his sons, omar
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has an interview in "rolling stone" magazine, they say it was in a strip club in damascus and i don't know if that is a place for an interview but that is where he spoke to the "rolling stone" magazine writer and says his father won the war on terror and doesn't think there will be more attacks, that his father is worth more to america alive, than dead. and what do you think about those types of remarks? >> well, if in fact usama bin laden's son was interviewed in a strip joint in damascus, that marks him as something of a prodigal. i would think. i wasn't aware there were many strip clubs in damascus but i think what it shows is an increasing level of confidence, that al qaeda and the terrorists can act without fear of retribution, and i think that level of confidence they are displaying, and the tape, again, if authenticated, shows the threat of terrorism is not only not diminishing but a year into the obama administration i think
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we should be more concerned, as the christmas-day attack demonstrates. >> his son says he doesn't think his father will attack again but you cannot but any stock in that and he says, finally, ambassador, his father is a aquoa, quote, lost man who lives in his own mad word, sadly and tragically, usama bin laden has put us in his own, mad world through what he has done over these years. >> maybe the son doesn't listen to al-jazeera and there could be communications problems with the family there. >> ambassador, john bolton, thank you so much with the latest tape and clearly we'll do investigating on the strip clubs in damascus, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> eric: jamie? ♪ >> jamie: the idea of reforming health care, may be down. but, president obama is not counting it out, oh, no, he's pushing for the it though democratic lawmakers say they just don't have the votes.
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many believe health care reform is the reason that voters in massachusetts this week elected a republican to the senate. so now the question is, does the president go back to square one on health care? republican congressman from virginia, eric cantor is joining us now, also the house minority whip. congressman, thanks for being with us. >> good morning. >> jamie: first and foremost i want to ask you about what happened in massachusetts, and it seems so significant, to me, and many others. that this is a state, especially since it was the late ted kennedy's seat. that is almost synonymous with the health care reform movement that democrats had. and the voters did speak, loud and clear. and now, scott brown will go to washington and we know his position on health care. but, when nancy pelosi, the speaker, also comes out and says, the votes just aren't there, what is the next step for the democrats? >> jamie, first of all, it seems that the vote in massachusetts
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reflects somewhat of a deep anger on the part of the people of that state, and, frankly, it was repeated after the elections in new jersey, and, virginia, a few months ago. and, the people i think have stood up and said, look, we are tired of the arrogance of washington. please, start listening to us. and, that is the problem when you look at the health care bill, that speaker pelosi is trying to jam through this house. it doesn't reflect what most americans want out of their health care. we have to work to bring down costs and that is really where the debate has got to start. and i'm hopeful that the administration, the president, will work with congress, and in the a bipartisan fashion so we can actually get reform done but the way they are going about it is -- what the manner people want. >> jamie: let me ask you, the republicans said, yourself included, the ideas you have for health care reform would bring down costs and what would you tell democrats, given the opportunity to sit at the table and what changes would you make
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to the current bills in the house and senate to bring enough bipartisan support to get it passed. >> well, first we have to realize that the american people don't want a government takeover of their health care. so, once we pass that realization and everybody hopefully can then sit down at the table there's a lot we can work on together. in fact, i have met with leader steny hoyer and presented him with our republican plan and the republican plan deals with the issue of costs. how do we introduce real competition and give folks a choice of their health care plan and, maintain the quality we have, without the prospect of government replacing the system that people know, and enjoy in terms of quality. >> jamie: it wouldn't be -- okay. >> -- deal -- >> jamie: wouldn't be a replacement in the entirety of a government plan but there are some ports parts of the currents plan you feel could be incorporated with the addition of the ideas the g.o.p. and
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republicans have? >> no. i'm saying we have got to start over. this plan that the people essentially spoke out on last tuesday in massachusetts, i hope is dead now. and looking forward, i think we can effect positive health care reform. republicans have been out there with ideas. such as purchasing insurance across state lines such as instituting litigation reform, to get the unnecessary frivolous lawsuits out of the examining room and such as promoting choice and health care coverage so people can have the kind of insurance they want, not what washington tells them. >> jamie: that's a very different answer, so i'm glad that you specified. and, let us know about that. what is the timeline? the campaigning will soon begin for the midterm elections. and as you look forward and others do as well, can health care reform or the overhaul we know the president wants, be accomplished in time for people to go back to their constituents and say, here's what we got you,
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and give them something that they can support? >> jamie, the way forward is for speaker pelosi to come out and say, we can't pass the monstrosity that the house passed prior or the senate. and we have got to start over. and we have got to look at ways that we can effect reform and lower costs. but, what we have seen all week long is that the democrats have not done anything but talked to themselves, they seem to be focused on the bills that they passed and trying to tweak them to see what they can do to cut even more deals to jam this bill through, and, frankly, down this road to the -- down the throats of the american people. we have to start over and we can effect positive reform but they can't go about doing it given that this president promised to change the way washington works to get it done. and he has not done that. >> jamie: congressman cantor
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thank you very much for being with us. nice to see you. >> thank you. >> jamie: eric? >> eric: jamie, a dramatic rescue to tell you about, in haiti. after 11 days, trapped beneath the rubble, a man pulled out alive. he says he survived all this time by eating cookies and drinking soda and beer and now he's doing just fine. let's get the latest from port-au-prince, haiti, brian wilson, is there. brian? what a remarkable story. what are the details about the latest rescue. >> reporter: it really is a tremendous story. the guy's name is wisman, he's in his 20s and apparently when the earthquake started to occur, he jumped under a desk in the fruit market where he worked, as the building collapsed around him, apparently nearby were cola, beer and cookies and that is what kept him alive in that very small space that he was in, for 11 days. and his brother was at the scene, thought he heard his voice inside the rubble and went to get rescue teams, from the greek and the american teams were there and pulled him out, four hours later, he's going to
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be okay, a little bit dehydrated. so far 132 people have been rescued in port-au-prince and the country of haiti since the earthquake but you must contrast those numbers, against other very grim numbers. the u.n. now says there are 111,481 people confirmed dead, and that does not include those who have buried their own dead and have not been counted by the u.n. 200,000 people have fled the city. 609,000 people in haiti are homeless. that is as many people as live in the nation's capital, inside d.c. and 1 million people may eventually relocate to the countryside. so, you can understand now, why the haitian government is moving from a rescue to a recovery phase. they have to focus on the living, at this point. and i can also tell you that your u.s. marines have landed here. they took the beachhead and the -- in port-au-prince yesterday with their landing craft but
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they are not here to take over the country. they are here on a humanitarian mission. they are here to provide the food, the water, the shelter, the supplies people need to survive, still, very many people, who have no shelter, who are hungry and are not getting the food and water on a regular basis, and, that will be the focus of the days ahead, eric. >> eric: the human dimension overwhelming and the reaction and response from all of us is to be praised. brian wilsons, live in haiti. thank you, brian. jamie? >> jamie: it was a tough week for fed chair ben bernanke. he is losing some key support in the senate. leaving his reconfirmation to the federal reserve in question. also a difficult week for the markets. stocks did not react well to president obama's plan to take on the nation's big banks. senior business correspondent brenda buttner is live in the newsroom for us. brenda, thanks for being with us. let's talk about last week. we had three really seriously down days, no one likes to see that. but the question is, is it a blip? a correction? or something more than that. >> yeah.
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no question, it -- they were bad days. the broader stock markets lost about 5%, in just three days, and it was the worst week that we have had since the march lows. but, we have to keep in perspective that since those march lows the broad market is up 65%, and a lot of people have been saying we could have a correction, it is time for a correction which, technically is 10%, down from the highs. the question is, is this long-term or short-term? and, much of that depends not on wall street but on washington. because, washington is where all of the action is now. and, much of the reaction of stocks and of investors was fear and in fact the fear gauge, the volatility index was much higher than it has been of late because people are worried that president obama is now -- has his targets right on the crosshairs -- wall street is in the crosshairs, of a populist move and taking on the big banks
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and all of that, you know, the bank stocks slid, and not just rich people obviously who own stocks, a lot of people own those banks and financial stocks. so it did hit hard. >> jamie: let's talk about what the president said he wants. he wants to limit the risk of those banks, the ability of them to invest deposits. our money, in certain risky investments. on its face it sounds like something that would help people, the average investor, or depositor. but on the other hand, it could also limit the bank'ses ability to make money. is that why the bank stocks reacted the way they did, it just didn't seem like many people were in favor of that. do you think the president will be successful? >> you know, the issue -- or details, the devil is always in the details and there are no details about this and we know it will likely hit profits if the bigger banks are not able to have their on hedge funds and to do their own proprietary trading
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but it does not necessarily mean that loans will open up, or that we, as customers, will see that much more service or all the rest. so, there's a lot of concern not just among banks, but, in the larger corporate environment that, you know, first, it is banks, what will be next? >> jamie: right and brenda, i'm out of time but i have to sneak in this question. ben bernanke stays or goes, and why does that matter to us? the average investor or consumer. important to have stability. >> yes. absolutely, i think he'll stay and we are hearing that from the white house, today, in fact on "fox news sunday," the news is going to be broken. but i think he will be reconfirmed and honestly, from wall street's perspective he must be reconfirmed. if he were not we'd see as warren buffett said, let me know the day before so i can sell stocks, there would be a sell off, lots of fear and
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uncertainty. >> jamie: thanks to my producers for let meeting sneak that in, i wanted to hear from you, thank you so much, good to see you. >> eric: it's like the fourth flight diverted this month alone, another scare in the air. the latest for dozens of people, heading to vegas. but, this time passengers took action. and didn't sit around and watch. when someone tried to open a door on their united flight. we're hearing the dramatically details. >> said he needed to get avenue felony, he was on the wrong plane and they were going to orange county. ighly trained specialists. always ready when they hear the call... pancakes! (announcer) it's a job well done. because when it's pancakes, everybody's in it together. bisquick. pancake lovers unite.
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>> jamie: a frightening situation when you a united airlines flight was forced to land in denver after scary moments aboard. a passenger trying to open one of the main cabin doors while the plane was in the air. and the plane flying from washington, d.c. to las vegas at
10:23 am
the time. and, that is when the other passengers once again took matters into their own hands and they saved the day. take a listen: >> i grabbed him. and we all put him into the seat and... we surrounded him and held his arms and held him still. >> jamie: the plane landed safely, in denver, and that is the good news and this passenger taken into custody and right now is undergoing a medical evaluation, and the fbi saying he had been drinking alcohol before and also, during, that flight. >> white house press secretary robert gibbs sits down for a wide ranging interview with "fox news sunday," anchor, chris wallace and the major focus is the president's state of the union address, that is coming up on wednesday. and, how his message will center on job creation, and the economy. >> we have four quarters of economic regression in terms of growth. right? just last quarter, we finally
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saw the first positive economic job growth in more than a year. largely as a result of the recovery plan that is -- has put money back into our economy and saved or created a million-and-a-half jobs. >> chris: you didn't have job growth in the last quarter. >> no, you had economic growth. >> chris: but you still lost 69,000 jobs. >> chris, can you imagine an economic scenario in which we are adding jobs when the economy is retrenching? >> eric: joining us now the host of fox news sunday. chris wallace. good to see you. >> chris: thank you, good to see you. >> eric: did gibbs say how they plan to try and turn it around? i see you got him on the job growth claim. >> chris: well, yes. they are talking about -- and you'll see this particularly in the state of the union speech, starting on wednesday -- i think you will see the white house focus, again, as they did in the beginning. a year ago. on jobs. on the economy. on putting people back to work. you know, you look at all of the
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polls, and they indicate that that is overwhelmingly voter's concern, much more so than health care reform is. i think you will see health care reform, the president will not walk away from it but i think they'll regroup and put it on the back burner at least temporarily and really focus on jobs and people will like or not like their solutions, the president is talking about maybe $175 billion, they won't call it a stimulus package but another new job stimulus package with tax credits and new spending for infrastructure and green energy jobs. but, i think they are really going to focus on that and a new populous line you are starting to hear last week, the president, i get it. i get your concerns, and i'm fighting for middle class americans. >> eric: do you think it will resonate to the viewing audience? i mean, they had their head handed to them on tuesday in boston. will it be enough? can the president say enough on wednesday, in order to try and do something about this? >> chris: i think it depends on the results.
10:26 am
i think that people sure wants this president to succeed. and -- but you know, we have the stimulus and the democrats will argue, we would have lost more jobs without it but the fact is the unemployment rate went up from 8% to 10% and 3 million jobs were lost and if these programs and ideas start to bring the unemployment rate down, i think it will resonate and if it doesn't, it won't. >> eric: unemployment rate in michigan is 14.6%, and we'll talk about the unemployment rate, in the next hour, as we talk more about the state of the union for wednesday. chris, always good to see you. thanks for joining us. >> chris: thank you, same to you. >> eric: sitting down with chris will be republican texas senator jon cornyn, and senator cornyn will react to what -- the remarks by robert gibbs, and offer us his take on the stunning outcome of the mass s massachusetts senate race, here on the fox news channel and check your local listings. >> jamie: pregnant women need to be careful about what they eat and drink and there is a new
10:27 am
health concern and dr. rosenfeld will tell us what it is, you don't want to miss it. "sunday house call" ahead. waúñ÷?p!ó9@úññ
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>> eric: a new audio tape claiming to be from usama bin laden and claims responsibility for the christmas-day airliner bombing attempt. in the recording, which was obtained in -- and aired on al-jazeera, the voice who claims to be him, says more attacks on
10:31 am
the u.s. are planned and press secretary robert gibbs react on "fox news sunday" by calling him a cowardly, murderous thug and two bombings in southern afghanistan killed three u.s. service members according to nato, the second day of deadly attacks in that region, which is expected to be a focus of the u.s. troop surge and snowstorm is brewing in southern california. this one is a mess and it left behind a mess, after last week's storms and they are trying to clean up the mud and debris from their property and, guess what, more rain is expected there on tuesday. ♪ >> jamie: we're lucky here, the sun is always shining during "sunday house call" and with us, sunday house call host, dr. isadore rosenfeld them. rossi distinguished professor of clinical medicine at the wild cornell medical center. doc, good morning. >> good morning, thank you! >> jamie: good morning, doc.
10:32 am
>> nice introduction. >> eric: we start this morning with a question about erectile dysfunction, if you have ed it is a good idea to visit your doctor, because studies show it could be a sign of heart disease? tell us about that. >> what have you left me to say, eric? you told it all. >> jamie: it sounds serious, doc. >> you know, times have changed. i remember when men never -- the only one who knew about a man's erectile dysfunction was the man himself and his wife or his girlfriend. it was always assumed to be psychological, and for something that you had to work out and we now know that erectile dysfunction is a real disease and has many causes you see in diabetics and is often due to vascular problems in the genital area, which prevent enough blood flow and the observation now is that these vascular problems in the genital area can also occur
10:33 am
in the heart. so, the advice to you is this: if you are having erectile dysfunction it may be evidence that there is something either presents or brewing in your cardiac circulation. and, you ought to see your doctor about it. tell your doctor about it. first of all, if nothing else, he or she can prescribe viagra for you. but, many of the risk factors that cause heart disease also contribute to erectile dysfunction. whether you are diabetic or overweight or have a high cholesterol, or you smoke. smoking alone can make you nearly twice as likely to develop erectile dysfunction. high blood pressure, medication that you are taking. beta blockers will do it. diuretics will do it. if you have anxiety for whatever reason, if you have had a heart attack, have anxiety, you may have erectile dysfunction. so these are things to talk to
10:34 am
your doctor about, because they can all be dealt with. now, one word of warning. you know, many people are buying the drugs for their very effective drugs, for erectile dysfunction, there is viagra and cyalis. don't get them on the internet. there are cases... you don't know what you are getting, when you get these drugs, whether they are herbs or so-called viagra. many of them are counterfeit and many of them are contaminated. i read a report the other day, that there were 150 men admitted to hospitals in singapore as a result of having taken erectile dysfunction drugs which they bought on the internet. which contained all kinds of toxic stuff. you get them without a prescription. it is true. but you don't know what you are getting. if you needs a prescription, speak to your doctor about it.
10:35 am
and get it from him, or her. >> jamie: i remember, doc, you told us, saying this clinically, even if a little is good, more is not better. take what is prescribed because somebody actually died in the u.k. and you told us about that... if you take too much. >> yes. >> jamie: now, a warning for pregnant women. drinking lots of sugar sweetened colas may increase their chance of developing diabetes during their pregnancy, you hear about this a lot, doc, women develop diabetes toward the end of their pregnancy and -- as it is. and adding to it? is this adding to it. >> jamie, the kind of diabetes pregnant women get, is called gestational diabetes. now, everyone assumes that it is the same thing as the adult or type-2 diabetes and it is really a different kind of diabetes. women who get it remain as a rule, diabetic for a short period of time and then many of them develop normal blood sugars. some go on and remain diabetic.
10:36 am
the interesting thing about it, is that if a pregnant woman eats a lot -- drinks or eats a lot of sweets, a lot of colas, increase the risk of that gestational diabetes. another very interesting observation is this: gestational diabetes, during pregnancy, has a whole different genetic pattern. if your parents, one or more parents has diabetes you are at about 8 times the risk of developing diabetes yourself. but, that is not the gestational diabetes. you are likely to get the gestational diabetes, and this is so interesting, if a sibling has diabetes. not your parents. if a brother or sister has diabetes, and you are pregnant your risk of developing gestational diabetes is about seven times greater. so, if you have a sibling with
10:37 am
diabetes, be extremely careful about the amount of sweets you consume. >> jamie: great advice. >> eric: you talk about drinking sodas and... and having french fries and all of that. almost everybody loves french fries and sometimes they are not cooked the in the healthiest of oil. corn oil. doc, tell us about that. how can you change your french fries, if you can. >> i will not give you any more information about, that, we'll talk about it, you read it and announce it, french fries have corn oil and corn oil is bad for you and that is what i was going to say. >> jamie: what is better, though, doc. >> i tell you, i love french fries. >> jamie: thank goodness. >> a little bit of something will not harm you. but the fact is 7 out of 10 places that sell french fries, prepare them in corn oil. and corn oil, is the worst. it is saturated fat, it has no
10:38 am
monounsaturated fat which is good for you. it has polly unsaturated fats, that -- polyunsaturated father fats a s -- fats and don't mak habit out of doing it. it really isn't good for you, especially if you already have a bad cholesterol or heart disease. or are overweight. >> jamie: sometimes they say canola air, better. >> eric: and trans-fats. >> no trans-fats and some of the canola oil, things are better but also not entirely good. i think you have to keep away from french fries. >> jamie: moderation. thanks, doc. so much. folic acid, expectant mothers are encouraged to take it during their pregnancy, can you take too much of a good thing? the doctor will separate myth from fact. on "sunday house call." we will be right back. [ male announcer ] it balances you... [ water crashing ] [ male announcer ] fills you with energy...
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>> jamie: every week at this time we separate myth from fact. and the doctor does it for us and the question today. >> chris: can you get too much folic acid? doc, especially women are often told to take folic acid. >> we talked about folic acid last week. folic acid during pregnancy and i reminded women they need to take it before they get pregnant. and, the first three months after they become pregnant. and to prevent neurological disorders from... but i want to talk about folic acid now, in men. particularly. you know, there's a funny attitude about people, if something is good for you, people think that more must be better. and, this is especially true about vitamins, it's not true, about folic acid. we used to think that an elevated homocystine level in the blood was a marker for hard disease and we'd should lower it with folic acid and we gave
10:43 am
patients with high homocystine levels a lot of folic acid to take and it lowered it but made no citizens. in other words, homocystine is a marker and changing it doesn't make a difference and it is found that some of these men who took large doses of folic acid have had more cancer of the prostate. so, here's my advice. if you are taking folic acid, no matter who you are, male or female, limit it to 400 micrograms a day, plus what you get in your food. no more than 400 micrograms in the supplement. because, more than that can, we think, make you prone to prostate cancer if you are a man and to polyps of the large bowel, if you are male or female. that is the warning about folic acid. >> jamie: what foods have it. you may not know you are getting
10:44 am
too much. >> fruits and vegetables have it. i don't think you can get too much folic acid from your diet. i mean, a healthy diet has lots of folic acid and it has never been shown that it in diet is harmful but the supplements can be. can do it. >> eric: our e-mail questions for this morning and he answers all of his e-mails, a lot of them on the air and this one says, i originally developed the shakes -- recently developed the shakes and my doctor said, i have essential tremors. how is it different from parkinson's disease and do i have to worry? >> this is a very important and common question. people sometimes as they get older, over the age of 50 suddenly notice their hands begin to shake and the first thing that comes to mind is goodness, i'm developing parkinson's disease. well, they probably are not. let me tell you the difference
10:45 am
between this benign essential tremor, the doctor has referred to, and parkinson's. when you have parkinson's, your tremor is addressed and you sit there and your hands are shaking like this. if benign essential tremor, it develops when you try to do something with your hands. while you are sitting still you don't have it but you want to write a check for example. and you shake and i always shake when i write a check d, and i don't have the essential tremor! it can involve the face and can involve speech, people with parkinson's not only have the tremor addressed but are often stooped and bent forward and have difficulty walking and people with benign essential tremor don't have that. all they have is a shaking of the hands, sometimes of the head and sometimes their speech is affected. now, the first thing you have to
10:46 am
know is this is not a disease that is caused by something. 50% of people with this be sign essential tremor is familial, the other 50%, we don't know the cause. it's not an underlying disease that will, you know, do something else to you. all you will do is have the shakes. now, if you do have the shakes, and they interfere with your function, there are things that you can do about it. reduce your coffee intake and don't take too much alcohol, and you can take beta blockers, will reduce the tremor. certain tranquilizers will reduce the tremor. and the epilepsy drugs will reduce the tremor. so, there are things you can do. and, some people respond to botox injections for their tremor and there are things you can do. if you have this benign essential tremor, first be reassured by what i have told you. don't you don't have -- you don't have parkinson's and speak
10:47 am
to your doctor and get one of these treatments. >> eric: does exercise, if you have it in your hand -- >> i don't know that. i think what i use en may oin m practice are beta blockers. they work the best. >> jamie: doctor knows and you may know promiomegranates can b good for you. and for women, that is also true, the doc will explain when "sunday house call" returns, stay with us.
10:48 am
10:49 am
10:50 am
♪ >> jamie: the doc wanted you to know about new information that is out about the power of
10:51 am
pomegranate. there is word the fruit contains chemicals that reduce the risk of estrogen, i'm assuming maybe too much estrogen, doc? because we know it might be tied to breast cancer. >> they are good and they have all kinds of wonderful antioxidants. but, the latest research has identified some chemicals as you pointed out, in the pomegranate, that reduces the production of estrogen in a woman's body. see, women have some androgen, male hormone and female hormone and thankfully they have more female hormone than the male hormone at least the women that i know. and what pomegranate does is it prevents the androgen from being converted into more estrogen, because, estrogen has been implicated in the causation of certain kinds of breast cancer.
10:52 am
and the enzyme that tease chemicals act on, is called aromatase and i mention that name because women who are listening to have breast cancer, may be taking aromatase inhibitors. there are drugs that reduce the amount of aromatase in women with breast cancer. so that the pomegranate really acts very much like these medicationses. like the chemotherapy. i'm not suggesting you stop your chemotherapy and take pomegranate but this is what it contains. i take pomegranate supplements and happen to take it together with resveritrol in a preparation i've talked about before, botanical vitality because it is an anti-aging medication combined with pomegranate. it is the ideal for me, combination. but, for women, women, especially if you are -- think you are vulnerable to breast
10:53 am
cancer, have pomegranate juice on a regular basis. it is good for you. >> all right, doc. >> jamie: thank you, doc. >> eric: in a second the doctor will give us his weekly healthy monday tip and this week you can really tell if you have a serious head injury.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
>> eric: it's back now with sunday house call and your house dr. isadore rosenfeld. and before we go, the healthy monday tip. and the dr. rosenfeld gives us one quick tip to help us start off the week right. what is hit the week? >> i want to give you some advice if you get a knock on your head. if you fall and you strike your head, people think it's probably nothing. especially if you are taking a blood thinner like wharfarin, no matter how trivialian the blow to your
10:57 am
head -- trivial the blow to your head seems to be, pay attention to it and let your doctor evaluate. even if you're without an anti-coagulant, if you strike your head, you could have damage. here is how you can tell: if you struck your head and you have an ache and it goes away, that's fine. if you notice that you're sleepy or develop a persistent headache or you suddenly become nauseated and vomiting, you're confused or irritable, when the doctor examines you they find differences in the size of the eye pupils -- i don't advise you look for that. or blood from nose or ears or weakness from arm or left or have any seizures, that's when to tell your doctor to get x-ray of your head or ct scan or mri. many of these head injurious think are trivial turn out to result in a bleed. or some other damage in the
10:58 am
brain. >> eric: you know, there are such tragedies, you think of natasha richardson and you bump your head and you're okay, but then tragically it turns into something worse. >> those are the warning signs. >> jamie: great job. always better to get yourself checked. you should check this out, too. if you haven't gotten a copy of the doc's book "doctor of the heart." the crew today asked and answered. they got their copies. they heard so much about it, the people who read it are buying them for friends. here is a number to get it. also, in stock, doc. i checked. they got more. you are already in what printing now? third, fourth? >> third. >> jamie: third printing. so go ahead and get a copy of the book. it not only talks about the little isadore rosenfeld growing up in canada, why you wanted to be a doctor and the people that really influenced your career, but how much of an impact you've made on others both in terms of your medical care and also your compassion and kindness
10:59 am
throughout your liflife. it's funny, too. >> we don't advertise the book. this is the only place we tell people. >> jamie: if you took the phone number down, take it. they were inundated with calls so they set up a new number. send e-mails to hou he looks at them. thank you, doc. have a great week. >> thank you. >> eric: we start this fox news alert. you know he's at it again. threatening america, promising more attacks, but does it really mean anything a new audiotape they say yes is from osama bin laden. on the tape, the voice takes credit for the christmas day airline bombing attack attempt. this as osama bin laden's son claims in an interview that bin laden has already won the war on terror. good morning, welcome to a brand new hour of america's
11:00 am
news headquarters. i'm irk i'm i i i'm eric shawn. >> jamie: this new report calls umar farouk abdulmutallab, remember him from christmas day? it calls him a heroic warrior for following the lead of the 9/11 hijackers. caroline shively is live in washington with more. caroline, i know you had a chance to listen to the audio recording. what does bin laden say is the reason behind that attack? >> he says it's a struggle of palestinians in israel, jamie. on this tape, bin laden says it's unfair that americans enjoy a safe life while, "our brothers in gaza suffer greatly." he says until it changes expect more attacks in the u.s. listen to this chilling part of the tape. >> translator: if our messages by you were to be carried by words, we would haven't done that by plane. >> week ago al-qaeda in arabian peninsula in yemen declared they were behind the
11:01 am
underwear bomber and said they trained him and told him to get on the plane. u.s. officials said umar farouk abdulmutallab said the same thing. it is interesting. there is no way to tell for sure, was bin laden behind this or was it simply the franchise is al-qaeda? >> it's interesting. franchise, branch of al-qaeda, it's a group that is take on more and more prominence to say the least. yemen-based in terms of this particular attempt at killing americans. so the question is how much power does the government believe bin laden has? intelligence officials over the different branches, and does he have a hand in it? the timing is so short between the christmas day attempt and the release of this tape mentioning it. >> you're exactly right. normally it takes several months for the tape to get from o whatever hiding hole bin laden is in. this was about on the month mark. it's important to know that al-qaeda and arabian peninsula two days later they talked about it and claimed responsibility. the big debate in the intelligence world, if tape
11:02 am
if proved to be authentic -- they haven't done it yet -- it seems to show bin laden trying to prove he's in charge of al-qaeda worldwide. the thinking has been that the different branches are operating on their own while bin laden is holed up in a cave along the afghan-pakistan border. so it's the -- the debate still rages and the intelligence officials this morning go through the authenticity of the tape, listen to see if it was edited. can they pick up any clues? it's important to know there has never been a fake ubl tape released. >> jamie: clues regarding location could be key. caroline, keep us posted. we'll check back with you. thanks. >> eric: the tape comes out as rolling stone magazine has son with osama bin laden's son omar who says his father is worth more alive than dead to america and claims that his father won the war on terror and he doesn't think there will be more attacks from al-qaeda but he says his father lives in what he calls a "mad world" and he calls his father, "a lost man."
11:03 am
now to haiti where haitians are trying to regain a sense of normalcy. banks are now opening their doors with businesses and markets. the united states relief worker says the aid is flowing more slowly than in the past but the need is overwhelming and crushing and there is a growing fear that disease could break out among many survivors. there is concern over possible diseases such as measles, malaria, danghi fever and so on, but there are remarkables stories of inspiration. a story of survivor is unbelievable and brian wilson has more live from port-au-prince. brian, you have been reporting on it all morning. a man found alive after 11 days? >> reporter: it is a great story. it's the story of a man by the name of whizman exatus. 23 years old and working at a fruit market when the earthquake hit 12 days ago. 11 days after the quake, he was pulled out of that fruit market and he sustained
11:04 am
himself on soda, beer, and cookies. the story goes like this. his brother was there at the scene and thought he heard his brother's voice from inside. he scrambled off to get some rescue workers and four hours later they pulled the man from the rubble and there is barely a scrap out of it. a bit dehydrated. they're checking him out but he will be fine in a day or two. contrast the story with the numbers we get from the u.n. and haitian officials. 111,481 people confirmed dead according to the u.n. haitian officials say it doesn't include those who buried their own dead and the number is probably closer to 200,000. there are 609,000 people who are homeless in the port-au-prince area alone. that is as many people who live in the district of columbia, the nation's capital. 1 million people may eventually find their way to the countryside. 1 million people. and the need there is very great. they need food, they need
11:05 am
water, they need shelter. one of the reasons why the haitian government moved from the rescue to recovery phase. now you can be very proud your u.s. military is doing a great job here in haiti. we now say that there are 17,000 u.s. troops on the ground. probably by the end of the day, that number will be closer to 20,000. the marines are here. they arrived yesterday. they came in on the beaches with their landing craft. but they're here not to take over the country. they're here to help the people who need help. they're on a humanitarian mission. back to you, eric. >> eric: brian, our thoughts and prayers, of course, with all the people of haiti and continue to be after the horrible earthquake. brian wilson live in port-au-prince. thank you. jamie? >> jamie: in afghanistan, three american troops are dead, killed in two bombings and it happened in the southern part of afghanistan. according to nato, the americans died in separate attacks. it's the second day of violence against u.s. forces in that region. the area expected to be the focus of the u.s. troop surge. and so far this month, at
11:06 am
least 25 americans have been killed in afghanistan. >> eric: well, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu declaring his country will retain parts of the west bank, "for eternity." this could be a major blow to u.s. efforts to try to forge a peace deal in the region. the palestinians want all of the west bank and east jerusalem as part of any peace deal. but mr. netanyahu says israel must retain a presence in the west bank to protect its heartland from the militant missile attacks. >> jamie: president obama will address the nation on wednesday, keep it on fox for that, his first "state of the union" address. we expect him to focus on themes important to the american people; namely, job creation and the economy. and part of the president's economic agenda is to have fed chairman ben bernanke continue on as head of the federal reserve.
11:07 am
we're just hearing that republican john cornyn will not support bernanke. he made comments on "fox news sunday." let's go to julie kirtz in the washington bureau with more. hi, julie. >> hey, jamie. key senators like senator cornyn saying they won't back a second term for the fed chairman, but according to a white house officials, the fed chair has the votes in the senate to keep his job. here is white house press secretary robert gibbs on "fox news sunday." >> now would be a particularly bad time to send a signal to the international community and overall financial system by playing politics in any way with this upcoming vote. >> so white house officials this morning saying they are confident they will return him to the four-year term. despite what he's saying is the double-digit
11:08 am
unemployment. >> jamie: economy on one hand and healthcare on another. the stunning defeat in massachusetts we saw. president obama says healthcare will survive. what are you hearing on the talk shows this sunday? >> with the upset in massachusetts, election of scott brown and the national polls, healthcare reform is in trouble and many on capitol hill believe that. robert gibbs, though, this morning would not say whether the administration will take a break from the healthcare push or scale back the plan, but he did say in his words that those discussions are going on right now on capitol hill. another message from key advisor david axelrod today. listen. >> the president will not walk away from the american people and not hand them over to the tender mercies of health insurance companies who take advantage. he will not walk away from people with preexisting conditions and not walk away from senior citizens in
11:09 am
medicare. >> axelrod saying voters want to president to work with democrats on healthcare reform. want republicans to work on healthcare reform and not fight the democrats' agenda. >> jamie: again and again they've said that's exactly what they want, too. we'll follow it and keep an eye on it. thank you so much. julie kirtz in d.c. >> eric: the president is also hoping that the same campaign team that helped him win the white house can work their magic in the mid-term elections for democrats. koiments after the stunning defeat in the massachusetts senate race, turning bluest of blue states red when it comes to the senate long held by senator kennedy. why bring in the campaign team now? for a fair and balanced debate on this, go to fox news contributor er geraldiden ferrera. she's a former vice presidential candidate and fox news contributor and
11:10 am
senator from pennsylvania rick santorum. welcome to fox news. rick, start for you. is calling plouffe, the campaign manager, an admission they're offtrack? >> it is an admission they're offtrack, but they certainly got the wrong message from massachusetts. if they think their problem is because the president isn't communicating effectively, if their campaign organizations aren't strong enough, they weren't paying attention to what the voters of massachusetts were saying. what they were saying is their policies are wrong. what they're trying to do is grow, dramatically grow the size of government, increase taxes, taking control of the healthcare system, spend huge amounts of money running up enormous deficits. that's what the people are massachusetts are saying they don't want. it wasn't that we didn't like your campaign commercials or we didn't have a good grass roots effort and we were rejecting you for that. we rejected you for the policies. >> eric: the president came out fighting. you didn't see him packing down in a speech in ohio. we expect him to say in the "state of the union," fight, fight, fight, fight. he mentioned that word 19, 20
11:11 am
times. >> it's remarkable. if you look at people like barney frank -- and scott brown won barfy frank's district in massachusetts. he said we should learn a message -- anthony wiener, liberal congressman from new york says we have to learn a message that the policies are not popular and we need to recar re-caliber. obama seems like a one-trick pony, only has one way to govern, hard left policy perspective. he said we weren't liberal enough and we're going to drive it down the throat of americans. that tone deafness is going to cost him and the party soon. >> eric: geraldine do you think the president has been and is and will continue to be in the senator's words tone deaf? >> no. let me go back. bring iing in plouffe is a good idea because he recognizes the fact that people who came out for president obama in 2008, that alliance does not
11:12 am
exist. they could have gotten a heads up when they saw what happened in the race. what happened in 2008, young people got involved because it was an historic campaign. it was fun. they can tell the children i helped take down the discriminatory side. blacks turned out -- i can get in trouble with this again, but they turned out in record numbers because of the historic campaign as well as because he was a good candidate. that alliance did not exist when john cornyn ran. they stayed home. look at the numbers in massachusetts. those people did not come out. the others did. record turn-out for special election. they lost the message of who are the supporters and how do you get them to vote. if you think they came out in an historic campaign to make a difference on whether or not a sign that whites only
11:13 am
come out for the election, no. on the issue of healthcare. massachusetts has healthcare. my daughter is a doctor that lives up there. she not only provides services but she takes advantage of the services of healthcare. people coming down saying c'mon. we need jobs. that's where we have to focus and where we have to go. this is a wake-up call to democrats. in addition to that, we're not talking about the fact that the people are not in control. they are. they still have the greatest control -- >> eric: how does he get them back and what does he do on wednesday to get the group that so inspired him to elect him, how do you get him back? >> i think it's hard. i really do. young people, you know, we've been trying to do that for years. you have to get them more involved. i don't know if you can. but you go after those people
11:14 am
you know are supporters. there are tons of money thrown in the race by the outside groups by the tea party. i have to tell you, i live in new yoyork. i live in manhattan. as you know, the most costly media market probably in the country. i was seeing ads for massachusetts. never had seen that before. never before. they poured money in. they were having trouble holding democrats. they go back. republicans you want to work with us? okay. see what you come up with. let's get something to help those people who are uninsured and let's do something about the preexisting -- let's work together and get something done for the next generation. this puts them in position they can't just say no. the senator elect is up for re-election in 2012. he has two years to "the steve harvey show" -- to show she is positive and working to together to solve issues of the country. >> eric: rick, as the former congresswoman says, can he
11:15 am
get them back? what does he do on wednesday to get them back or is it a lost cause? >> i think what she lays out is accurate. obama was selling hope and change and he was not clear on the specifics of what hope and change is about. he motivated people on the rhetoric and great oratorical skills. he's the president of the united states and he gives great speeches and he has given a lot of them. no president more present in media in front of the american public more often than barack obama has in the past year. it's not that he is not communicating in lofty terms but when you get down to the facts of what he's trying to do it's out of sync with where america wants to go and not focussed on doing what america wants, reducing spending here in washington, d.c., reducing the deficit and creating private sector jobs. the bottom line is that obama's plan, the stimulus package created jobs in one place. the lowest unemployment rate in the country is in washington, d.c. it's about 6%. 4% below everyone else.
11:16 am
he did a great job of creating jobs in d.c. because they're government jobs but he hasn't created jobs anywhere else. that's the problem he has to confront. his policies don't work for america. >> if i could interrupt for a minute. rick, look at the legislation that the congress has been working on, house and senate and there is plenty of job jobs legislation in the process. they had the hearings on. they haven't been sitting back and doing nothing. they have been working as you know -- there are so many committees going on at the same time. they've been working on the job legislation. i mean i got, i got a whole list of all these things that they're working on. wow! it's amazing. they will continue working. let me say i did not say he got elected for hope and the rest of the stuff. i was pointing to politics of his start campaign and what that meant for our country. >> eric: all right. >> i think when the president says the people turned out for brown and people turned out for him, no, they're not. the people turned out for him were making a difference in
11:17 am
this country. they have done an enormous amount. how do you translate that from the historic campaign to policy? that's what, that's what they have to figure out. >> eric: on that note, we're out of time. we have to see what the president says on wednesday. geraldine ferrera good to see you and rick santorum, thank you very much. jamie? >> jamie: speaking of doing a great job, there is a relief group that worked in haiti for decades. not just since the earthquake. for decades. the help the haiti needs most. help for children. the children of haiti are in desperate straits. what needs to be done now for the safety and their security? that story, one you won't want to miss, is coming up next. @
11:18 am
11:19 am
11:20 am
11:21 am
>> eric: can the 9/11 terror trials in new york city be stopped? word the republican senator lindsay graham and others are working to prevent the obama administration plan to try accused christmas day mastermind umar farouk abdulmutallab aid his cohorts in federal court in lower manhattan. it would be cheered on by courthouse neighbors who don't want the al-qaeda suspects on trial just 30 feet from the living rooms. imagine having a morning cup of coffee and the 9/11 terror suspect khalid sheikh mohammed and his four alleged cohorts are standing trial in a courtroom yards away. it could happen to the 240 families who live in the apartment building next door on the federal courthouse where the terror trials are expected to be held. many who live in the building can see right inside the courthouse from their windows. >> on a good day we can actually see what people are having for lunch.
11:22 am
>> you can see what people are having for lunch through the windows? >> yes. >> eric: janie chin lives in the apartment tower and is one of many who want the trials out of the neighborhood. >> this is going to be a federal perimeter, an armed camp. our lives are going to be changed dramatically. i hope that president obama will reconsider when he understands that densely packed residential buildings surround the court. i think the decision was not well thought out. >> 240 families will be imprisoned. we will not have access to our cars. we can't get in and out of the building. as we did in 9/11. 9/11, we heard it, we saw it, we smelled it and we lived it. >> residents attended the local community board meeting where the executive committee unanimously agreed on a resolution calling on attorney genre rick holder to consider moving the -- attorney general eric holder considered moving it to governor's islands, the 170-acre island off the tip
11:23 am
of manhattan, former military installation and coast guard base. in 1988, president ronald reagan and soviet leader mikhail gorbachev held a summit there. but some believe the civilian courthouse is the proper place for the terror trials. yus yusuf, mast as well as terroris were tried and convicted here. >> we should have trials and this is the place to hold them. this is where the crimes and the murders were committed. >> eric: the new york city police department is planning a security zone around the courthouse and says governor's island, that idea may not work but the day of tomorrow the community will vote on final resolution to try to move the trials, send the resolution to the attorney general, eric holder. and president obama himself. the fact people live so close we could see people working at their computers and drinking coffee. we looked in what we think is a federal courtroom and some of the folks waved back. >> jamie: good report, eric.
11:24 am
good to know. president obama is facing the deepest economic downturn in decades and this week he delivers his first "state of the union" address. we will ask a former presidential speech writer what mr. obama has to say to put americans at ease next. l's get chinese should we order panda blossom, panda moon... how about chinese at home with new wanchai ferry?
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>> jamie: welcome back. here are the headlines at the bottom of the hour.
11:28 am
waiting for more analysis on a new audiotape believed to be from osama bin laden. the voice on the tape claiming responsibility for the christmas day airliner bombing plot and threatening that there will be more attacks. u.s. and u.n. troops handing out food and water in haiti. the u.s. navy releasing the video of marines delivering aid supplies this weekend. the u.n. confirming more than 111,000 people known to have been killed so far. that does not include those buried by relatives and not reported. a huge mess across southern california following last week's stormy weather. this weekend, people are trying to get out and clean up that mess of mud and degree left behind and they're gearing up for another storm expected to hit tuesday. >> eric: president obama will deliver his first "state of the union" address on wednesday. he will need to hate major
11:29 am
issues. the millions who remain unemployment and the republican scott brown stunning victory in massachusetts? the next guest knows a lot about the "state of the union" speeches and wrote and edited four of them. he's the former director of speechwriting for president clinton and the author of two books about the presidential speeches and the head of the brennan center for justice at new york university. michael, welcome to fox news. >> great to be with you. >> eric: basically, when the president gets up this on wednesday, how will he attempt to dig himself out of a hole? >> he's lucky and he sees it that way, that he gets to give the speech a week after the massachusetts election. it's a chance for this president or any president to reframe the moment and set out a budget priorities and make strong political points. he's fortunate having a big public platform to do it.
11:30 am
it's important for him to react. one election is one state that reflects a cry from the voters in many ways about the economy. he still has 59 democratic senators which is more than president bush had republican senators. it would be a mistake to overreact but among other things by giving a speech he can calm down and rally the democrats who are in cold sweats right now. >> eric: by calming down the democrats is he only going the fire up the republicans and the independents who voted for scott brown? >> that is the challenge he faces. first off, he needs to rally the democrats to get healthcare done. this is like if the jets had the ball on the five yard line and walked off the field because it occurred to them that football is a violent sport. the democrats have gone down the road and for their own political purposes if nothing else have to finish it. i'm sure he wishes they
11:31 am
finished it before he gave the speech. >> he delayed the speech, planning to have a victory lap. a dance on the end zone. he doesn't have that. >> then he moved it back. delayed it and undelayed it once he realized he wasn't going to have the victory lap. then i think he needs to address the royaling anger in the public about the economy, about 10% unemployment and about the governmental policies that the voters, independents and republicans and democrats think favor favo banks. he has to show sustained commitment to jobs and talk about what caused the economic crack-up we're living through. >> eric: that's old. we don't want that. the american people want answers. take a look for a second, we talk about the 10% unemployment figure. 10% across the country, the stimulus projected it would not exceed 8%. that failed. look at the unemployment rate in some of the states.
11:32 am
14.6% in michigan. 13% in nevada. almost 13% in rhode island. south carolina, more than 12.5%. california, nearly 12.5%. illinois, his state, 11.1%. what does he say about these growing job figure figures at ae he promised has not occurred? >> he says three things, you're right, the unemployment. that's the real number. not even the election. unemployment is the threat politically. first of all, he has to show a program on jobs and program on economic growth. the second he has to show is that in fact the problems, the political forces that did cause the crack-up are still having too much power, too much sway. i don't agree that he should pretend, last year, that was last year. when the public is angry about the bonuses at banks, very angry about the size of banks and the bail-out. so he needs to continue to show, he needs to put out proposals that he did last
11:33 am
week with the limit on bank size. things maybe the republicans won't applaud quite so vigorously on television. you're exactly right. he needs to tell a story about the economy, about what has happened and say you know what? unemployment as bad as it is, if we hadn't had the stimulus, it would be twice that. there are of course, that's what the economists will tell you. he has to make that case. look, until the economy gets better, it will be a rough political environment. >> eric: yep. continue to be rough perhaps for him and we will be waiting and all of lus be watching to see if he does have the plans on wednesday. michael waldman, former chief speech writer for president clinton involved in four of the "state of the union"s in the past. thank you for joining us, michael. >> my pleasure. >> eric: jamie? >> jamie: you have seen the pictures and the video and correspondents have seen it on the ground. their faces tug at your heart. the innocent victims of the earthquake in haiti are the children. fox news was first to bring you pictures of the kids at the house of god's children orphanage, which was destroyed by the quake. two of the children at that
11:34 am
facility are in the process of being adopted by a new york couple. laura ingle spent time with the davis family in upstate new york and has an update on the story. we hope it's good news. >> well, we were hoping to bring you news this morning that the children who landed at the orlando sanford international airport yesterday afternoon made it through customs and adoption paperwork but most of the children and the adoptive parents are still waiting at the airport at this hour. adoptive parent wos thought they would have their children last night have been caught up in this massive holding pattern waiting for 24 hours. they are exhausted. they've been up all night and said to be upset. this is a fluid situation. we are just getting word from the crews on the ground at the airport that the parents are being told that the children may have to be moved. we're waiting to find out what it means and where it could possibly be. why they wouldn't go in the arms of their adoptive
11:35 am
parents. this is troubling on a lot of levels. the children have been waiting in a back room without their adoptive parents but they just endured their escape from haiti on the first airplane ride. it happened to be inside a c-17 military aircraft. this is exclusive video taken inside the plane that shows them strapped in the jump seat, getting the're plugs in and ready to go. the family we have been following josh and liz davie from rochester, new york, told us that josh was able to go in the holding area to see his 2 1/2-year-old adoptive son johnny around 7:00 last night because he wasn't doing well. he's apparently dehydrated and having die r diarrhea, that girl 3 1/2-year-old, has a cold. there are people working to keep them comfortable with blankets, toys and food. we heard 12 of the 79 kids that came in yesterday have been completely process and
11:36 am
released to their families while others left for colorado. we have calls out the the health and human services department handling the adoption papers on the ground, making sure everything is finalized but they are apparently doing it on a case-by-case basis, one-by-one which is taking so long. we get reports that the children may be moved out of the airport to a different location, which is going to prolong the process. we'll continue to bring you updates as we get them. developing story for sure. back to you. >> jamie: all right. the plight of the children. i hope that story moves forward in the next couple of hours. laura, thank you. >> thank you, jamie. >> eric: we have more about the new tape this morning. have you heard about it? they say it's from osama bin laden. new threats, more boasts, he's at it again and he won't go away. what can we learn from the latest message? terrorism expert wally ferris with his analysis next. even at night things are busy around here (announcer) at the end of the day colgate total goes to work... it actively fights germs for 12 hours... for a healthier mouth in the morning.
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coming up live from washington, senator jeff sessions joins us to talk
11:40 am
about healthcare and terrorism and how and why he plans to vote on fed chair ben bernanke's reconfirmation. a showdown over the first amendment and corporate spending on political campaigns and a live update from a general on the ground in afghanistan. and also, a fair and balanced debate about what ends up in your kid's textbooks. those stories and more coming up live from washington at the top of the hour. >> jamie: the u.s. is saying it can't authenticate a new audiotape from osama bin laden right now, but our sources catherine herridge says there is no reason to believe it's not from him. in it, the al-qaeda leader claims responsibility forrer the attempted christmas day plane bombing and is threatening more attacks. can we glean any other useful information from the recording? we wanted to talk to fox news terrorism analyst whalid ferris.
11:41 am
good to see you. >> good morning. >> jamie: now another tape and the timing is interesting because it comes out fairly quickly after plight flight 253 detroit where there was an attempted bombing on the flight. ubl is claiming responsibility, saying that he calls the shots, particularly for this group al-qaeda in the arabian peninsula. just because he claims it, do we know that there is a connection between him and this offshoot or franchise or affiliated organization? >> this message is precisely about connection. look when umar farouk abdulmutallab, the christmas day bomber was arrested, ourer first reaction was he's isolated extremist. 24 hours after that, we realize he's not that ice lated and he has been in connection with the yemen al-qaeda branch. a day after that branch issue a statement that he's one of us, a few weeks after that
11:42 am
bin laden declares us and it tells us there are more connection between the operation and individuals or most of them at least than what we think. the initiative is in their hands. they decide when to say it for the political dissidedissid. >> jamie: let's talk, because i have to say within 24 hours as well a source told me that there was a connection to that region yemen and in that whole arabian peninsula region, not the name of the organization, necessarily. how many more umar farouk abdulmutallabs are there and is -- when osama bin laden gets a tape out this quickly. it's audio. we don't see him on camera, we don't know where he is or who may know where he is. how many are there out there and is he calling the shots with the training we now learn is going on if places like yemen? >> so far what we read into
11:43 am
this, the message and what he's saying is there a production of a tape, there is a timing, timing to send it to al-jazeera and aired there. of course now you are going to look at what other comments made on the website and the chat rooms. i means that it's organized. to me it means that there is a warroom that decides not only about the operations but the chief that is bin laden will have to make press release. more sophisticated than what we think. >> jamie: weren't the videotapes more yuteful in recruiting or the audiotapes as impactful? what is al-jazeera's motive i guess in airing them? >> look, the al-jazeera thing is debated in the middle ea east. first, why do they only choose al-jazeera to air them most of the time at least? and why al-jazeera does air them? you have multiple answers.
11:44 am
what is important is the tapes with al-qaeda have multial ple aims. now he is linking his attack to us. by saying so, we have a debate about that. number two, there is a long-term thing and he's sending a message to those captured, detained and soon to be prosecuted and in court, talk about the arab-israeli conflict to give you mileage. >> jamie: we've always known that that has been something that he has been focussed on, support for israel and plight of palestinians. it's come up before. he calls umar farouk abdulmutallab a hero. i wonder what you think as a terrorism analyst what is happening now for other extremists wannabes. we're hearing that they are recruiting pregnant women and people with prosthetics and people with western passports, release prisoners who are missing in yemen off the radar.
11:45 am
are they expanding their ability to attack america and other countries? what is the significance of this tape on that potential escalation? >> look it's an escalation for sure. only in 2009 we had as many attacks and attempted attack against the homeland as we had in 2001 and 2008. that alone is telling. the other thing is yes, they are recruiting. the problem is where do we intervene? how do we know? it's really at the time of the indoctrination. when the people are radicalized, it's the time when things become dangerous. once they engage in the operation, it will be very difficult or more difficult to detect them and stop them. >> it's interesting. there is so much emphasis at catching them in the act. we see passengers on plane having to take down potential terrorists as we did on christmas day. bring us any new information you hear on this tape. you know, we're looking at it
11:46 am
very closely. thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> eric: jamie, kids picking on each other online. you know it's a growing problem across the country. some of the stuff they call each other is just outrageous. how far can schools actually go to try to stop cyber bullying? a story every parent will want to watch. we'll have that next.
11:47 am
11:48 am
11:49 am
>> jamie: kids have always pick on each other -- boy, do i remember that -- but now they do it online. california suspended a school for cyber bullying and that student went to federal court saying her free speech rights
11:50 am
were violate and the judge ruled in her favor and said the school went too far denying her first amendment rights. casey stegall live in the l.a. bureau with more. what a fascinating case, casey. we know that parents are concerned about it. how are they trying to combat cyber bullying after this decision? >> cyber bullying is a term that's new and just popped up with the network sites. it's where the kids pick on each other on the information superhighway for all to see, posting the nasty blogs on facebook, myspace, and bar raided student by video on youtube. and that is forcing school districts all over the country to look at how to combat the problem and whether or not students could be held responsible for remarks they make in their own time. one school in beverly hills suspended an eighth grader for allegedly posting a video
11:51 am
on youtube and it created a fire storm out here. >> jamie: okay, casey. it wasn't sure if there was sound there. i apologize. it's an interesting case. the question is the legal analysts looked a at this. do have rights to enforce rules not in the classroom but outside? >> this is where parents will be outraged. legal experts we talk to say even the insults are prote protected by the first amendment and the courts sided with the cyber bully in that case in beverly hills and now the school district is looking on whether or not the suspension will be erased from the record. the school district would not conference when fox news tried to reach them about the story. the judge said young people are unpredictable and immature, and they say it's going to be hard to say whether or not this will set precedent, legal precedent for other school districts all in this country. >> jamie: as a kid that picks
11:52 am
on me, someone e-mailed me that knows me and remembers i got beat up, maybe parents can talk to the kids. >> eric: no! >> jamie: it's okay. now i can take care of it. >> eric: they used to say it's a free country, i can say what i want? >> jamie: but it hurts when you're a kid. don't do it. >> eric: important issue. you know that president obama is three days away from delivering his first "state of the union" address. this is as he's been banged up a lot this past week. how will the media handle what he will have to say? liz trotta on how the media treats the president next. here's an easy way you can enjoy the convenience of steam-in-the-bag vegetables and the great taste of sauce. try green giant valley fresh steamers. each bag microwaves in minutes, steaming the vegetables
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>> eric: all eyes on president obama anticipating what he will say on wednesday when he gives his first "state of the union" address. how will the mainstream media handle it? joining us now as she does every sunday, author, journalist and fox news contributor, liz trotta. good morning. >> good morning. >> eric: how do you think he will be portrayed? >> before we get to
11:56 am
portrayed, it's actually happening as what is happening nnow, how he is portrayed now. the spell is really broken as far as i can see among the liberal media people, those who have always been constant supporters of obama no matter what he did in the past year. take a look at just some of the samples that have come up -- i get to choose them, too, by the way. the first one thomas defrank in the daily news, time to crack heads, he says. especially among democrats. or risk being reduced in richard nixon's pity phrase "to a pitiful healthy giant." paul kruegeman writes i am close to giving up on mr. obama who confirms every doubt had whether he's going to fight for what we believe in. lastly from editorial in "new
11:57 am
york times," if the white house reporters are still making jokes two years from now about checking the president's pulse, the nation will be in big trouble. >> eric: i was going to say not everybody, though, is saying that. frank rich says he thinks the election was not a referendum on barack obama or harbinger of g.o.p. and adrianna huffington is writing how it could be a blessing. >> but he wrote in that article it's time for the president to stop deluding himself. i didn't get the message you got out of that. i think read it more carefully. frank rich is saying what a lot of liberals are now. it's getting bad. are we on the wrong horse? they're not saying that the sky is falling but they are nervous about the healthcare bill and mid-term elections. moreover, as this happens and we see obama pivoting, getting on the populist band wagon and is now the enemy of
11:58 am
wall street and friend of the little guy, as this is happening, so too are white house reporters finding it tough to work that beat. the president hasn't had a news conference in six months. i remember when george bush didn't give news conferences. my goodness, every paper in the world was doing a piece on him. and for trying to stonewall the press. obama gives a lot of controlled interviews but when it comes time to the briefing, the imminent mr. robert gibbs has a say of just saying nothing. one piece in the "l.a. times" where he begins by telling you he said, "hold on" 16 times when they went after him after the massachusetts election. make no mistake about it. there is a sea change in the attitude in liberal media since the massachusetts results. >> eric: do you think the sea change as you call it will continue? or are we going to have the arc of the story we've seen before, he's going down and on wednesday he will be back
11:59 am
up and will be hailed again? >> it's true and it goes in cycles but so far, he's had the worst records about how popular is he among the people. the economy, the economy, the economy. people are hurting. and does he get the message? or is it just the words written for him? this is what i think will turn liberal media against him. >> eric: we'll have analysis wednesday and a lot to talk about that next week after that. liz trotta, good to see you. thank you. that does it for us on sunday morning. i'm eric shawnshawn. >> i'm jamie colby. great to have you with us. we send you to washington for more america's news headquarters with shannon bream. have a great day. have a great day. >> eric: take care. captioned by closed captioning services, inc ♪

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